(February 01, 2007)
ECOfluid Wins Technology Merit Award From EBJ

ECOfluid Wins Technology Merit Award From EBJ

ECOfluid Systems Inc. Wins the Technology Merit Award from Environmental Business Journal's 2006 Business Achievement Awards.

The new patent concerns an improved recycle system in a waste treatment facility utilizing fluidized bed filtration. The new improved passage arrangement provides flow between the aeration compartment, fluidized filtration and the anoxic compartment that helps prevent the formation of settled sludge pockets, allows for almost complete evacuation of the solids during “no flow” conditions, and improves on other inefficient conditions inherent in treatment systems using prior art recycle design.


ECOfluid Systems for developing the USBF packaged wastewater treatment system for subdivisions, golf courses, agricultural and industrial projects with flows of less than 2-million gallons per day. In a review of 67 technologies for the on-site treatment of wastewater in California done by the University of California-Davis for the California State Water Resources Control Board, the USBF modular treatment plant was the only system to achieve an A rating (the highest) in all categories of evaluation. An A rating means that USBF achieves less than 10 milligrams per liter (mg/L) for biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids, and total nitrogen; less than 2 mg/L for total phosphorus; and less than 2 mg/L for fecal coliform. ECOfluid provides treatment that meets regulations for reducing nutrients for variable flows. It features a small footprint, costs less to buy and less to operate than sequencing batch reactors or membrane bioreactors, and uses a fraction of the power that most systems require. Based on this study, and the fact the company won this year's Frost and Sullivan award for Technology Leadership and filed a new patent to advance the USBF technology, ECOfluid was able to expand its distribution network to meet the constant demand for its product.