(July 22, 2009)
Volusia County selects USBF® for new WWTP

Volusia County selects USBF® for new WWTP

Burnaby, BC, Canada, July 22, 2009 – ECOfluid Systems Inc. is proud to announce that the county of Volusia, Florida, has decided on the Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF®) process, locally supplied by Randazza Enterprises, Inc., for one of their new wastewater treatment facilities.

After a thorough evaluation of all processes and technologies, including USBF®, SBR, and MBR, Volusia County and its consulting engineers decided that a USBF® plant provided them with increased value that did not compromise any treatment efficiency or effectiveness.The contract was awarded to Randazza Enterprises, Inc. in June 2009 and is now currently under construction with start-up scheduled for the first quarter of 2010. The county will utilize the high quality effluent in reusable applications.

“Based on the high effluent quality, low operating and maintenance requirements and the history of reliability the USBF® process presented, it was really a no-brainer for the county”, said Nocif Espat of Randazza Enterprises. “Combine that with the significantly reduced capital cost compared to other technologies and you have a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

About Randazza Enterprises, Inc.
Randazza Enterprises, Inc., is the supplier of the award winning Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF®) wastewater treatment technology in the state of Florida. To-date they have installed over twenty USBF® plants. Their head office is located in Riverview, Florida. For more information please contact Mr. Nocif Espat, President, at (813) 677-0041.

About ECOfluid Systems Inc.
ECOfluid Systems Inc. provides wastewater treatment solutions for residential, industrial, commercial, municipal and decentralized applications. Its state of the art, award winning, Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration (USBF®) wastewater treatment technology delivers high treatment efficiency, including biological nitrogen and phosphorus reduction, at highly competitive capital and operating costs.

Since 1995, ECOfluid has installed or supplied well over one hundred plants in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. The company also offers ongoing treatment plant operations and management services to municipalities and private owners. The result of this cross reference of design, construction and operating experience is a unique wealth of knowledge and ability.