(July 08, 2008)
New Innovative Configuration - USBF® followed by External Membranes

Configuration builds on the treatment efficiency of the USBF® process
while utilizing External Membranes for final polishing filtration

Burnaby, BC, Canada, July 8, 2008 – ECOfluid Systems announces introduction of a new USBF® configuration, which consists of a USBF® bioreactor followed by external membranes.

In recent years, membrane filtration has been widely adopted by the wastewater treatment industry. The immersed membranes however, come with significant compromises involving costs, simplicity, flexibility, and more. Costly, ‘special requirement influent fine screening’ needs to be provided, and steps such as lifting and removing the membranes out of the bioreactor when required for maintenance are disruptive to routine plant operation. Additionally, membranes immersed in the bioreactor make optimization of the biological and the filtration processes difficult.

“The new USBFMF configuration brings together the best of the biological and the membrane processes,” says Justin Hebner, ECOfluid’s Marketing Manager. “The result is a membrane quality effluent with significantly improved reliability, flexibility and simplicity of operation, and reduced capital and operating costs.” No special pre-treatment is required, the biological treatment can be optimized for biological nutrient removal (and include chemical precipitation if desired), and the membrane energy input is kept low by the membranes design and by the fact that the TSS of effluent from the USBF® is already less than 10 mg/l. Cleaning and maintenance is safe, easy and dry and there is no exposure to chemicals and sludge.

About ECOfluid Systems Inc.
ECOfluid Systems, a British Columbia based company, was founded in 1995. Centered on its proprietary USBF® treatment technology the company designs builds and operates plants for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. The state of the art technology, also eminently suitable for existing plants capacity and efficiency upgrade reconstruction, delivers high treatment efficiency, including nitrogen and phosphorus removal, at costs that are significantly below those of comparable conventional systems. Utilizing the high efficiency of the USBF® process the company has developed a niche for providing treatment plants producing high quality effluent including reusable water.

To date the company has sold and completed installations of over 100 plants in the US and Canada ranging in capacity from residential cluster units to municipal plants of over 1 MGD.

Awards & Papers:
● Awarded One of Canada's Top Ten Cleantech Companies in 2007.
● 2006 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership.
● Technology Merit Award from Environmental Business Journal's 2006 Business Achievement Awards.
● University of California, Davis – USBF® technology was the highest ranked biological treatment system out of almost seventy technologies reviewed in 2002.