(September 18, 2007)
ECOfluid Awarded a New Patent

ECOfluid Awarded New Patent

ECOfluid Systems Inc, has been issued a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US 7,270,750 B2 – September 18, 2007) for its advanced award winning wastewater treatment technology – USBF (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration).

The new patent concerns an improved recycle system in a waste treatment facility utilizing fluidized bed filtration. The new improved passage arrangement provides flow between the aeration compartment, fluidized filtration and the anoxic compartment that helps prevent the formation of settled sludge pockets, allows for almost complete evacuation of the solids during “no flow” conditions, and improves on other inefficient conditions inherent in treatment systems using prior art recycle design.

About USBF technology
The USBF is the result of over fifty years of research, development, testing and practical experience. It is a modification of the conventional activated sludge process that incorporates an anoxic selector zone and an upflow sludge blanket filtration all in one integrated bioreactor vessel. The treatment includes not only the efficient reduction of BOD5 and TSS but also biological nutrient removal (BNR) by the processes of denitrification and “biological luxury uptake”. The ensuing compact, modular system takes up significantly less space and contains very few moving parts. The result is an efficient, highly affordable wastewater treatment plant with low maintenance and operating costs.

USBF technology has no inherent capacity limits and is used in a wide range of applications. Plants serving the domestic and municipal sectors or treating industrial, food processing and agricultural wastewater are in successful operation worldwide. Since the high treatment efficiency of the advanced secondary USBF process opens the door to cost effective tertiary post-treatment, the process has also been increasingly utilized in the design of water reclamation plants.

About ECOfluid Systems Inc.
ECOfluid Systems, a Vancouver, BC based company, was founded in 1995. Centered on its proprietary USBF treatment technology the company designs builds and operates plants for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. The state of the art technology, also eminently suitable for existing plants capacity and efficiency upgrade retrofits, delivers high treatment efficiency, including nitrogen and phosphorus removal, at costs that are significantly below those of comparable conventional systems. Utilizing the high efficiency of the USBF process the company has developed a niche for providing treatment plants producing high quality effluent including reusable water.

To date the company has sold and completed installations of over 100 plants in the United States and Canada ranging in capacity from residential cluster units to municipal plants of 1 MGD. The company is currently in the process of expanding its marketing and sales efforts to include additional areas of the North American market. For more information please contact us.